Marathon Paddling

ICF Marathon Paddling Style Events

Australia as a country is will suited for Canoe Marathon Racing. Much like a running marathon, a canoe marathon is a test of strength, endurance and the challenge of completing a canoe marathon is just as satisfying for the new paddler as it is for the elite athletes. At the elite level Australia has performed well in World Canoe Marathon Championships especially in Masters and Veterans Age categories. A lot of these senior athletes started paddling later in their careers.

Most Marathon event range between 10 to 30 km normally over a 3-5km Course where competitors complete over a number of laps. The video below are of the world championships from 2016.

Ultra Marathons

High paced racing is not everyone's preference. Ultra Marathon Events have always attracted Defence personnel through the years due to the challenge they provide on the water and the friendships that are built between the paddlers off the water. Events like the Massive Murray Paddle have been providing such a challenge for over 50 years. Defence paddlers have been involved in these events, have had many records and victories over the years.

In 2021 the Massive Murray Paddle is going to be a focus event and we aim to have as large a group of paddlers at the event as possible.

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